• Antron Brown

    Championship Racer Antron Brown

  • Jason Lee

    Championship Racer Jason Lee

  • Josh Richards

    Championship Racer Josh Richards

  • Ron Caps

    Championship Racer Ron Capps

  • Charlie Booze

    Championship Racer Charlie Booze

  • Tad Pospisil

    Championship Racer Tad Pospisil

  • Ford Cobra Jet Mustang

    Candies Cobra-Jet Mustang

  • Jimmy Horton

    Championship Racer Jimmy Horton

  • Andrey Kravchenko

    World Record Holder Andrey Kravchenko

  • Doge Challenger

    Candies Dodge Challenger

Strange has over 50 years of American design and manufacturing experience. This family owned business is based upon the principles of crafting quality products, unsurpassed customer service and a true passion for the racing and hi-performance industries.

Strange Engineering

Strange engineering designs and manufactures racing components for drag racing and hi-performance products for street and track markets.

Strange Oval

Strange Oval was created by Strange Engineering as a dedicated Oval Track company- committed to innovation and excellence with a rich racing heritage.